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Rafting through the white waters of Dandeli

River rafting is one of the popular adventure activities amongst youth these days. The thrill of racing with the flowing river is something you need to experience in order to understand. For people in Karnataka, Dandeli is a great place to enjoy the adrenaline rush. The Kali River flowing through the town offers a wonderful landscape to enjoy the thrill of white water rafting.

If you are planning to go rafting in Dandeli, these simple tips can help make sure that your trip is not only convenient, but also truly memorable.

  1. Choose a reliable organizer – Make sure you choose an experienced and trusted organizer for river rafting in Dandeli. Especially if you are doing it first time, it is essential that you do thorough research before entering the river. Discuss the course of rafting, requisites and other details before booking for your trip. One of the renowned Dandeli tourism agencies, Dandeli Home Stays offers the activity at great prices.
  2. Ensure proper safety equipment – Although river rafting is not really dangerous, you need to adhere to proper safety guidelines. A trusted organizer makes available all the necessary safety equipment and also informs you about the dos and don’ts. This way you make the most of your trip and avoid any mishap. Ask your instructor or guide for helmet, safety floating jacket and high quality paddle. Wear comfortable clothing to easily paddle and maneuver through the course.
  3. Prefer starting early morning – As the sun starts to climb up the sky, the rising temperature and sunlight makes it difficult to enjoy the experience. This is why you should consider starting your rafting session early morning. Depending upon the difficulty level and duration of the course, choose a time such that you complete the rafting before noon.

While you’re in town, you can also enjoy adventure activities in Dandeli like zip lining, rappelling, river crossing and much more. You can even book budget stays and jungle camping with Dandeli Home Stays at www.dandelihomestays.com.


How to choose the best hotel in Dandeli

Not only is Dandeli a very close and convenient weekend destination for people in and around Bangalore, it offers some on the most incredible activities to do and sights to visit with your loved ones. If you are planning to visit Dandeli for a weekend trip or more, you need not worry much about planning. It’s easily accessible by road, has a number of adventure activities camps and many options for accommodation.

Depending on your preference, you can choose a hotel, resort or jungle camping stay option and enjoy the magic of natural beauty that this place offers. Here are some of the popular accommodation alternatives you can consider for your weekend trip to Dandeli:

  1. Resorts and Jungle Lodges: Whether you are going with family or friends, resorts are a great option for your trip. Popular resorts in Dandeli like Bison River Resort, Hornbill River Resort and Jungle Lodge offer luxurious stay and a number of adventure activities to make sure you have a memorable time.
  2. Hotels: Ideal for family vacations, you can have a comfortable stay in hotels. State Lodge is one of the popular Dandeli hotels, offering all the modern amenities like internet connectivity, laundry services and more.
  3. Homestays: Choosing homestay options not only helps you enjoy your trip on a tight budget, it also gives you a chance to witness the local living experience in Dandeli. Riverwood, Ranger’s Camp and Dandeli Nature Camp offer quality and budget friendly homestay options, and are highly popular amongst people visiting the town.
  4. Jungle Camping: If you want to enjoy a night in the wilderness, staying in a jungle camp in Dandeli could be a fantastic idea. Stanley’s Farm and Dew Drops frequently organize jungle camping with bonfire and other fun activities. You can book a stay in these camps on dandelihomestays.com or any other Dandeli tourism website.

Experience the Magical Jungle Camping in Dandeli

Dandeli is not just another small town in Uttara Karnataka, it a splendid destination for a relaxing and laidback escape from the busy schedules of your daily life. This is why this place is becoming popular as a weekend getaway for people in Karnataka and other states as well. While it offers many fun and adventurous activities to do, many people have been turning to Dandeli for a tranquil overnight jungle camping.

The tents, bonfire and the starry sky amidst the lush jungle make for a perfect destination for your weekend. There are many resorts and hotels located inside dense greenery which organize such jungle camps on a regular basis. Ideal for couples and group of friends, these overnight camps offer complete exclusion from the busy world as you soak in the beauty of nature.

As the day starts to fall and the stars fill up the sky, you will watch the jungle camp turn into an upbeat place with bonfire, barbeque and grills with delicious food and people gathering around for a fun time. These camps are a great way to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and also for making new friends who enjoy similar outdoor activities.

You can even extend your stay and indulge in various adventure activities like white river rafting, rappelling, zip lining, river crossing and more. The popular Dudh Sagar Falls and Jog Falls are both a shirt ride away from Dandeli. Turn the trip into a day picnic overlooking the magnificent views of these waterfalls and have quality time with your family.

Dandeli Homestays is a one stop portal which helps you find the perfect accommodation or jungle camping site as per your budget and requirements. Visit the website or call now to know more about Dandeli and the things you can do here.

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Enjoy a day trip to Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are looking for a fun plan for the upcoming weekend, then a visit to the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary with your friends or family could be a fantastic idea. The jungle would be lush green with the almost ending monsoon, giving you a picturesque landscape to experience the exotic and majestic animals in their natural habitat. The safari is conducted in animal safe vehicles and in presence of trained and experienced forest guards and sanctuary staff, making sure you and your family or friends have a memorable trip.

Covering a large area of 866 square kilometers in a thick jungle of deciduous trees, teak and bamboo, this wildlife sanctuary is a safe haven for elephants. The safari takes you on a ride through some parts of the jungle, with animals enjoying the warm sunlight or playing in the water. Apart from elephants, you can also see many other animals like the Indian Jackal, Barking Deer, Indian Peafowl and the giant Malabar squirrel.

The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary is the only tiger reserve in India and there are many black panthers living in the area as well. It is also home to many exotic animals like the Indian Sloth Bear and reptiles like King Cobra and the Mugger Crocodile. This sanctuary is also a paradise for lovers of bird watching. There are over 200 species of birds residing in the secure area. You can easily spot exotic species like Great Hornbill and the Malabar Pied Hornbill.

Not only this, Dandeli also has many other tourist attractions you can visit during your weekend trip to the town. If you want to feel the adrenaline rush, you can even indulge in a variety of adventure activities as well.

We help you organize a perfect weekend getaway or vacation to Dandeli with all-round solutions starting from accommodation to entertainment. Our team can also arrange adventure activities like river rafting, zip lining, rappelling and more. Call us now on +91-9008851666 or write to us at dandelibooking@gmail.com to know more.