Dandeli Jungle Safari

Dandeli Jungle Safari
The Dandeli Jungle Safari is one of the many thrilling adventure activities at the tourist destination- Dandeli, U.K district, Karanataka. The jungle safari takes you in an open jeep to experience seeing the lush forest vegetation, the Kali River, some waterfalls, the unfathomed streams, the wild animals and the variety of bird species.

The Dandeli Jungle Safari visits are usually arranged during the cooler times of the day, either in the evenings or early in the mornings. People of all age groups immensely enjoy this; and hence most Dandeli visitors make sure that they go on a jungle safari with forest department’s permission.

The Dandeli forest is dense with deciduos and semi-ever green foliage with quite a lot of flora and fauna species. While you travel through the wide forest area spread over 30 km, you will be able to get a glance of animal habitants such as the Giant Malabar Squirrels, snakes, foxes, deers, rabbits and bisons. If you are lucky enough, you may even get to spot some elephants, bears, black panthers, tigers, etc as well.

You will also see numerous birds here, as the Dandeli forest is a famous habitat of about 300 species of nesting birds, including some migrated ones. Out of the nine species of hornbill in the world, four are spotted out here. Such is the fauna heritage of this place.

The Dandeli Jungle Safari is definetly a wonderful get-away-from-city-life kind of activity. Exploring the natural horizons of the forests and the inhabitants therein will certainly refresh your body, mind and soul.

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