Dew Drops

Dew Drops

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Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre
Mountains and fjords
Northern Lights
Nature and sunrise
Snowy Mountains

Jungle Camping Features

  • Tented Stay
  • Camping with Bonfire
  • Adventure sports
  • Trekking & Bird Watching
  • Indoor Games

Hotel Facilities

  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Parking
  • Lounge Bar
  • Safe Locker
  • Large Open Area

Online Booking

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Room Type Indian Foreigner
SPL Room 4,350.00 7,750.00
Room 3,750.00 7,150.00
River View Tent 3,450.00 6,850.00
Tented Cottage/MH 3,100.00 6,500.00
Dormitory 2,500.00 3,450.00

Dew Drops Jungle Resort – Dandeli

Did you always want to spend your vacation in the middle of jungles and rivers and mountains? But they are not available together in any of the places. But what if there is a place which boasts of all these three things together? Yes sounds unbelievable but Dandeli is a small hillside town in Karnataka that has all of these three elements combined to be one of the finest and the most popular tourist spots in the recent times. Stay at dewdrops jungle resort which is right by the side of the jungle and become close to nature for a couple of days.

Grab The Deals

  There are a lot of 5-star resorts in the region that will give you excellent services so that you can lead a life of complete luxury, but dewdrops Dandeli is the absolute best, and you can book the resort and various other tour packages from www.dandelihomestays.com. Explore the multiple offers that are available on the site to stay in luxury without spending too much on your small gateway vacation. So the next time you want to go away from the chaos of city life, make sure you choose Dandeli as it is the absolute best in the gateway in the recent times. There are a lot of fun activities you can do during your stay at Dandeli dewdrops. You can go for white watering if you are feeling adventurous or if you want to see nature in its purest form you can opt for a jungle safari. Other popular options are kayaking and boating both of which are really fun to do. There are Jacuzzi baths in the resorts as well as you will get a chance to do rappelling. There’s a lot more that waits once you visit this hidden gem.
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