How to choose the best hotel in Dandeli

How to choose the best hotel in Dandeli

Not only is Dandeli a very close and convenient weekend destination for people in and around Bangalore, it offers some on the most incredible activities to do and sights to visit with your loved ones. If you are planning to visit Dandeli for a weekend trip or more, you need not worry much about planning. It’s easily accessible by road, has a number of adventure activities camps and many options for accommodation.

Depending on your preference, you can choose a hotel, resort or jungle camping stay option and enjoy the magic of natural beauty that this place offers. Here are some of the popular accommodation alternatives you can consider for your weekend trip to Dandeli:

  1. Resorts and Jungle Lodges: Whether you are going with family or friends, resorts are a great option for your trip. Popular resorts in Dandeli like Bison River Resort, Hornbill River Resort and Jungle Lodge offer luxurious stay and a number of adventure activities to make sure you have a memorable time.
  2. Hotels: Ideal for family vacations, you can have a comfortable stay in hotels. State Lodge is one of the popular Dandeli hotels, offering all the modern amenities like internet connectivity, laundry services and more.
  3. Homestays: Choosing homestay options not only helps you enjoy your trip on a tight budget, it also gives you a chance to witness the local living experience in Dandeli. Riverwood, Ranger’s Camp and Dandeli Nature Camp offer quality and budget friendly homestay options, and are highly popular amongst people visiting the town.
  4. Jungle Camping: If you want to enjoy a night in the wilderness, staying in a jungle camp in Dandeli could be a fantastic idea. Stanley’s Farm and Dew Drops frequently organize jungle camping with bonfire and other fun activities. You can book a stay in these camps on dandelihomestays.com or any other Dandeli tourism website.

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